Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A clean and useful dresser

Hello hello! Hope your week is coming along swimmingly!

Today I wanted to share a small project I worked on in my continuing quest to class up our master bedroom. Well, it's not as much a project as it is an organizational overhaul. Both mine and Stephen's dressers are usually in such an appalling state of clutter that it's nearly impossible to see the tops. For him this isn't that big a deal, but I keep all my jewelry on my dresser, so it was becoming very annoying to dig through the mess every morning. (Let's pause here for an honesty check. By "morning," I mean mid to late afternoon, and by "every" I mean every third at the very most.)  Plus it was just so dang ugly.  Something had to be done!

After first cleaning everything off, I put together this little arrangement:

So clean and accessible!  Sorry I don't have a before picture, but just imagine a huge pile of junk and you've pretty much got the idea of how it used to look.  Believe me, this is a vast improvement.

Isn't that jewelry hanger beautiful?  Stephen got if for me for Valentine's day this year, and that was really the piece that kick-started the whole dresser revamp.  I have a serious addiction to jewelry from Etsy, and that hanger (which came from Urban Outfitters) is a perfect way to display it.  My rings and stud earrings don't fit up there, though, so I store those in the little ginko leaf dish.  The jewelry box it's sitting next to is also from Stephen.  (He's the best.)

Since my hair is so short, the only hair accessories I ever use are a few little clips or bobby pins, so I'm using the aqua dish to corral those.  I am completely in love with this piece, by the way.  My aunt gave it to me for Christmas 2 years ago, and I hadn't had a place to display it until now.  Another excellent reason to have cleaned up the space!

Isn't it just so cute?  I love that tiny frog and water lily blossom.  I try to contain my penchant for whimsical cuteness in the rest of the house, but I couldn't resist having this little guy in my room.  I makes me smile every time I see it! 

That just left the far right side of the dresser to decorate, so I composed a quick vignette with a few pieces I've collected over the years.

The little bottles came from a flea market, and the shells are from a couple different beach vacations.  I'm pretty sure the iron candle holder was a wedding gift that came from Pottery Barn.  The pressed glass doorknob is especially precious to me, because it came from the house where my mom grew up.  I love old doorknobs, and I hope someday to be able to actually use this one in a future home.

Anyway, that's the latest improvement in the state of our master bedroom.  What do you think?  I'm really happy to have a functional place to keep all my jewelry, and to have made another significant dent in the clutter in our room.  Also, just by seeing it all displayed, I've been reminded to actually wear  my jewelry more often.  Imagine that!  Our room is by no means finished, but it's getting closer.  I'll keep you updated.

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